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How KLM accepted their responsibility for the accident

When we surf the internet, especially on forums, we find that a lot of people don’t know how everything went after the crash. So what did happen after the crash? We’re compelled to write about this. Firstly, we look at how KLM accepted their responsibility for the accident.

*In fact, KLM paid the sum of $58,000 for every victim, in line with a pact made in 1929 in Warsaw. The rules of that constitution were further refined in 1976 in Malta. But in reality, this happened for 161 times.

The other families received greater sums for their victims. One family was awarded $ 400.000 – in this case the person who died was the breadwinner.

Another family got $ 600.000. This money was for a family of two children who lost their parents.

KLM also advised every family to appoint their own lawyer, with the company paying all costs.

Not one family of a victim of the crash complained about the after-crash procedure.

Here are some remarkable cases:

There was a woman who drank more coffee than she normally did. KLM agreed to pay for all the coffee.

One person wanted to speak to his family in Australia about the crash. He got a ticket for free.

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