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Firstly a special welcome to our guests from abroad. We're pleased that you’ve chosen to visit!

This website is about the disaster at Tenerife. It's now more than 25 years ago that two Boeing 747s crashed on the runway at Los Rodeos Airport, on the island of Tenerife. Even so, interest in the disaster is still widespread. We meet more and more people from all over the world every month through this website, and we hope you will not be disappointed from your visit!

There’s a wealth of information currently available here, including the reports, lots of photos and a reconstruction of the disaster produced by National Geographic.

Please note: Because English isn’t our native language, our research is published in Dutch.

We'll end with a quote by J.M.Ramsden: 'Blame the pilot in live or dead, if he could be blamed' (J.M. Ramsden)

If you have questions, remarks or anything else, please click here to email the webmaster


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